Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Alan Churchill

By Alan Churchill

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On September 6, 2014, I am hiking Pikes Peak to raise money for Brain Injury Awareness

This event, the Pikes Peak Challenge, is an annual event that I first participated in 2010. For those of you unfamiliar with Pikes Peak, it is a 14,000 ft mountain with a 13 mile approach each way, covering nearly 7,400 vertical feet of elevation gain.  Fortunately, we only have to hike up and the event organizers will provide transportation back down.  Participants in this event finish in anywhere from 4 to 12 hours (hopefully I’ll be on the lower end of that scaleand am striving to make my best time this year). 

Some of the hikers are survivors of previous brain injuries.  The hike is hard enough for those of us who’ve never suffered a major injury — I have the utmost admiration for those who do it after going through a major trauma.Although this is quite an undertaking considering the altitude and possible weather conditions I might encounter, it pales in comparison to what survivors of Brain Injury face every day. In the United States a Brain Injury occurs every 23 seconds. Based on national estimates, there are more annual incidences of Brain Injuries than Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injuries, HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer put together. We now know that over 20% of our American Soldiers are returning home with a Brain Injuries and some have sustained several.

My goal is to raise $1000+ this year! An acquaintance of mine who works for a local Pharmaceutical company will MATCH whatever amount I raise! Please don’t feel obligated to donate.  Just know that if you do, even just $5, that your money is going toward a good cause. 

Research into treatment of Brain Injury receives less than one penny of every Federal dollar spent on medical research. This is why I am involved! The donations help provide direct services to more than 2,000 survivors, families and professionals each year. Anything will help, even just a few dollars. Donating is easy, and anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!

To make a donation in my name:

1) Go to https://www.pikespeakchallenge.com/campaigns/pikes-peak-challenge-summit-hiker-alan-churchill/

2) Make sure my name Alan Churchill is at the top

3) Click Donate Now, fill in your information and you’re done.

This is a special event of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado and you will be able to print a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. Please do not mail your donations directly to the Pikes Peak Challenge.

If you would rather write a check, feel free to e-mail me and I will give you my address.

Even if you cannot donate- please feel free to pass this message on to your friends, colleagues, family, or Facebook communities.

 Thanks as always and I appreciate all of your continued support!

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  1. Alan Churchill

    Nguyen! The first one to generously give back… thank you tons my friend!!

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