Have questions about the Challenge? Please take a minute to review our most frequently asked questions below. If you do not find the answer to your question, you may submit your question via the Contact Us page.

How long will it take me to hike to the summit?

This is our most frequently asked question. An average hiker, in good weather can hike around 1.5 miles per hour, so the total time from the trailhead to the top can be done at around 8 hours. During the course of the day hikers will finish anywhere between 4 to 12 hours. Everything depends on weather, physical conditioning, how well you eat and drink throughout the day and your own determination.

How long will it take me to hike to Barr Camp and back to the Trailhead?

An average hiker, in good physical condition, will take approximately 6-7  hours. Everything depends on weather, physical conditioning, how long you stay at Barr Camp (we recommend staying no longer than 20 minutes) and how well you eat and drink throughout the day.

Are there Aid Stations?

Pikes Peak Challenge Trail/Medical Staff are located at No Name Creek, Barr Camp, The A-Frame, Two-miles to go, One-mile to go, and at the base of the Sixteen Golden Stairs. These staff members are there to assist you with medical issues and answer any questions about your ascent.

Will there be water available on the trail?

You need to start this hike with at least 2 liters of water with you! You must refill at Barr Camp. There will be bottled water at check in and again at the summit but our staff will not have bottled water at every check point. We recommend a bladder hydration system.

Can I smoke?

There is no smoking at the summit or in the shuttle vans. If we have a dry season on the mountain you could easily and inadvertently cause a forest fire in this protected environment. Colorado has a non-smoking ordinance that we respect during the course of this event.

Will the altitude make me sick?

Hopefully not, but some people do have problems whether they come from lower altitudes or not, it is generally unpredictable. Symptoms can include nausea, headache, dizziness, loss of breath and loss of judgment. Oxygen is located at The A-Frame, Two-miles to go, One-mile to go, at the base of the Sixteen Golden Stairs and at the Summit and is only administered at our Medical Staff’s discretion. Staying well hydrated helps ward off Altitude Sickness.

Is the Manitou Walk handicap accessible (walker, wheelchair)?

Portion of the walk route is on a paved road and the other portion is on loose gravel. It is accessible for a walker, stroller or wheelchair.

Can I bring my dog?

Our van leasing company will not allow your dog in the transport vans and not everyone you might ride with will be a dog lover. It is possible you might see some rescue dogs with our staff or dogs in training invited by the Event Director; however this is not an indication that you may bring your dog.

Can I bring a friend?

Only if they are a registered participant. Everyone hiking in the Pikes Peak Challenge must be a registered participant and must be registered before the deadline. This event does not have a late registration or a registration at check in. This is not only a requirement of our Forest Service Permit but is for your safety. Non-registered parties will not be allowed on Pikes Peak Challenge shuttle vans and will find themselves without a ride back down off the mountain.

Can I bring my son or daughter to hike or walk with me?

Children are allowed only as registered participants.  They must be at least 12 years old and in good physical condition to participate in the Summit and Barr Camp Hike.  Children 12 years+ participating in either the Summit Hike or Barr Camp Hike, do have the fundraising requirements.

Do you allow spectators?

Spectators are welcome but are not allowed to ride the shuttle vans, they must provide their own transportation. The Pikes Peak Highway will charge a per person fee at the tollgate. You are encouraged to log onto www.pikespeakcolorado.com – Click on the video button to take a tour of the highway. This site will also provide you with tips on driving the Pikes Peak Highway and pricing.

Do I have to raise money to participate?

Yes, this is a fundraising event. Our Forest Service Permit only allows us to have 450 participants so it is imperative that if you want to fill one of these limited positions that you are helping us raise the needed funding for the brain injury survivors we represent.

Children under the age of 16 years old are not responsible for any fundraising requirements. Also, brain injury survivors participating in the Manitou Walk are not responsible for any fundraising requirements.

What if the weather is bad, will the event be cancelled?

The Pikes Peak Challenged has never been cancelled. Some form of a hike will always be attempted. If road conditions deteriorate and transport back down off the mountain is halted you may have a delay at the summit or you may be turned around at Barr Camp and picked up at the base of the mountain.

Summit Hike – Is there a turn-around time or do all participants make it to the Summit?

If you have not reached and or left Barr Camp (half-way point) by 9:30AM (this time could be altered depending on the weather and trail conditions) our staff will turn you around and you will hike back down to the trailhead. Our staff will pick you up at the trailhead and return you to the park. We do not leave the trail until every last hiker returns to the trailhead or summits.