Pikes Peak Challenge Manitou Walker: Morgan Skurky-Thomas

By Morgan Skurky-Thomas

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Just before Easter of 2013, my wife’s younger brother Kellen was involved in a car accident and suffered major trauma including a significant traumatic brain injury.  This event profoundly changed his life and the lives of his family.  He continues to make progress in recovery and is leaps and bounds ahead of where he was after the accident (after being comatose and nonverbal for months, last year he was able to briefly attend the walk in a wheelchair, this year he is excited to walk it with us).  

The Colorado Brain Injury Alliance has been hugely helpful to us in navigating life after brain injury and continues to assist us with case management, education and other resources.  They are a tremendous resource for patients and families in Colorado and we are glad to get a chance to help raise funds to help them in their mission.  

Thank you for all the support you’ve already given us and thanks for being willing to help out this great cause!

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