Jessica’s First Marathon

By Jessica Triplett

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Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my link!  I have procrastinated for a few months on creating this page…but if I wait until the last minute it only takes a minute!  I will try and keep this short and sweet (just like my bestie Alexa)

When I turned 30 this last September I made a goal for myself that I would complete a full marathon.   Before moving to Colorado 3 years ago I had never participated in a race.  Since moving to Denver I have completed a few 5k’s, adventure races, and 2 half marathons.  When I clicked the “submit” button for the full marathon I almost got sick on my computer.  I am absolutely TERRIFIED to run this race but I know this is something that I need to do.  I AM FULLY REGISTERED FOR THE COLFAX MARATHON ON MAY 18TH 2014.

While training for this race I have had a lot of time to think about what I am running for.  I have so many reasons to run this race and so many people that I want to dedicate it to.  For my first marathon I have decided to dedicate this run to my Mom in heaven.  It’s absolutely frightening to know I’m going to do something that I have never done before (26.2 miles) but I know that she will be with me every step of the way.  My mother passed away suddenly in April of 2000 of a brain aneurysm and since then life has been a challenge and a journey for me and my family.  This is exactly how I am viewing this race: a challenge and a journey.

By dedicating this race to my mom I raising money for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC).  BIAC is dedicated to serving survivors of stroke, traumatic brain injury, tumor, infection and other injuries to the brain.

Please consider supporting me!  Thank you

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