2023 Pikes Peak Challenge Virtual Challenger: Ken Kaufmann

By Ken Kaufmann

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This is Michael Kaufmann my youngest son. He sadly passed away on October 10, 2022 at the age of 41. Michael was an awesome athlete in High School, lettering in both Football and Baseball. After graduation he joined the US Marine Corps. but was injured in Boot camp and received a Medical Discharge. On Sept. 8, 2001 he was in a motorcycle accident and received a Traumatic Brain Injury. After being induced in a coma for 8 weeks he was transferred to Craig Rehabilitation Hospital for an additional 4 months. He refused to settle for anyone saying he would never walk or talk normal again. He refused to use a wheelchair or walker and was able to use a cane or walking stick.He attempted to complete the Pikes Peak Challenge twice but could only make it half way.Michael continued to work as much as his body and brain would allow him to. The TBI left him partially paralyzed on his right side and would cause him to always walk with weakness. He started to have severe seizures in the 4th year after his TBI. Sadly on October 10, 2022 one of these Seizures took his life. Michael was a joy in our families life. He was a man who was full of love for his family and friends. He enjoyed life with all the hard times he had, He had a laugh that would make everyone laugh with him. I could go on all day about the memories he has left us with, but that is not the only reason i am doing this Challenge. The challenges a person with TBI goes through are severe, not only is their life turned upside down, so are his family members and friends. Simply put sometimes they are just not the same person you knew before their accident.The discrimination they face by some of the community, with employers who are afraid to take a chance, lack of care for TBI through social services. One of the only escapes and largest sources of hope is through the Brain Injury alliance of Colorado, Local TBI support groups which are all ran by unpaid volunteers. They need our support, our government gives less money year after year and its fundraisers like this that are needed to make up the difference. So I am asking anyone who knew Mike and can afford to give a few dollars to please give. I have set my goal very high and this is a very short notice I know. So thank You in advance and wish this67 year old man luck. Ive done this climb 5 times in the past and will continue as long as I can. PLEASE GIVE

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