2022 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Colton Rowland

By Colton Rowland

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Hi! I’m Colton and I’ve been a neuro trauma ICU nurse at Memorial Hospital Central for the past four years, working with brain injured and all types of critically ill patients. On December 27th, 2021, something I never expected happened when I experienced a sudden onset of the classic symptoms so many of my patients had described to me in the past: thunderclap headache, nausea, neck rigidity and stiffness, photophobia, and paresthesias. My training as a neuro ICU nurse helped me recognize the signs of a probable subarachnoid hemorrhage and seek immediate medical attention. I ultimately spent two weeks in the hospital with multiple brain bleeds and had to have a pseudoaneurysm embolized. I owe my life to my understanding of the signs and symptoms of subarachnoid hemorrhage and the amazing neuroendovascular, neuro, neurocritical care, and pulmonary teams at Memorial Hospital Central who I’d worked alongside of for years before becoming a patient myself. I’m participating in the Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hike to challenge myself and raise awareness of stroke symptoms and the possibility, however slight, for anyone to have a neurologic event, regardless of young age or good health.

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