2022 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Adam Leonard

By Adam Leonard

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I am a brain injury survivor like many participants. I am a former Marine and Police officer. After suffering a brain injury, I wasn’t able to walk without passing out and experienced extreme pain, and light and noise sensitivity among other symptoms. I have led a physical, active lifestyle my entire life so this was very difficult to deal with. I decided that I wasn’t going to let my injury keep me from doing what I love, including outdoor activities. I slowly started walking longer and longer distances a little at a time and after a couple years I was finally able to walk fairly long distances without any real side effects. That is when I started climbing 14ers and have summited 13 in Colorado. I discovered the Pikes Peak Summit Climb several years ago through a co-worker and signed up for the summit challenge. I was amazed at the organization and comraderie that I experienced on the mountain. It is truly an amazing group of people that participate in this summit hike. I have shaved time off my summit every year while still having lots of fun enjoying the people and scenery. I am looking forward to another year of hiking Americas Mountain. See you on the trail!

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