2021 Pikes Peak Challenge Virtual Challenger: Tracy Tydeman

By Tracy Tydeman

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Two years ago, my Aunt Ann’s life was flipped upside down when a friend took her to the hospital, for some unusual behavior – just to check it out, just-in-case. Little did she know, she had a massive brain tumor and was quickly booked in for a very serious brain surgery. Thankfully, Ann survived this horrific event. But, as one might imagine, physically surviving the surgery is only the very beginnings of this new life challenge. You have to almost start back from scratch. Figure out walking, talking, seeing. All those basic functions we don’t usually think about. And it doesn’t stop there – there is still some of the tumor left, that poses a threat for the future.

There are many people in the world who would crumble at this new “lifestyle”, and no one would blame them. But not Ann. Ann was part of the Illinois State Police for as long as I can remember, she has raced down ski slopes, rafted rivers, ran races and even jumped out of a plane – she is trained for the challenge. Ann is a true warrior, getting knocked down, and getting back up. On top of all of this, she was also recently diagnosed with a rare disorder, orthostatic tremors. Ann continues to live life to the fullest, even when it’s not easy, or exactly as it used to be. She is an inspiration to me, all of her family, and all of her friends.

Do you know a brain injury survivor? If you don’t, you might and not be aware. While some “side effects” can be visual, many are not. Many are hidden and unless talked about, never known. I have known other survivors who wear their injury on their sleeve (not usually by choice), and others who you wouldn’t have a clue have survived something so awful. And then there are those who did not survive. They leave behind friend’s and family left in their grief. Many lives become effected by brain injuries.

While my aunt is the main reason I’m joining the challenge this year, all the others I’ve known and ones who I don’t know are well worth this challenge. It is a great cause. The money I’m raising is on behalf of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado’s ongoing mission to improve the lives of those affected by an injury to the brain. This organization has dedicated itself to the brain injury community and now I’m lending my support to their cause, and I hope you’ll join me. The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) is the go-to resource for help and services for survivors of an injury to the brain, their families, and providers.

Survivors of a brain injury must fight through unimaginable mental and physical challenges. There isn’t a cure for brain injuries; they don’t grow back, like hair or fade, like scars. While no two brain injuries are the same, they do have a few things in common. They are always present and dealing with the effects is a lifelong, day-in-day-out process. They require brain injury survivors to navigate in a brand-new world as they fight to establish a new normal.

Funding is critical for BIAC to continue supporting survivors in our state, which is why I am reaching out to family and friends to share my exciting commitment to participate in the 2021 Pikes Peak Challenge Virtual Challenge. Although I’m not able to be in attendance on the day of the event, I would like to lend a hand of support and take on a hike or walk of my own.

To reach my goal, I need your help. Please consider donating to help me reach my fundraising goal of $200. (or more!) Check out my donation page and the website to make a contribution or to learn more about BIAC.

Thank you thank you to all who donate.

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