2020 Pikes Peak Challenge Virtual Challenger: Lea Gottry

By Lea Gottry

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In honor of my dad, I have decided to participate in this year’s Pike’s Peak Challenge. This event is in support of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. The Brain Injury Alliance (BIA) is the oldest and largest national brain advocacy organization, who’s mission is to “advance awareness, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury.”

Together, my husband and I will be hiking to the Summit of Pike’s Peak on August 22, 2020. When finished, we will have climbed 7,400 vertical feet to reach the 14,115 ft. summit of “America’s Mountain.” We will be attempting this in honor of brain injury awareness. While certainly a challenge, it pales in comparison to the challenges that many survivors of brain injury face on a daily basis. What’s so incredible is that many people participating in this difficult event have suffered brain injuries themselves. How amazing!

My dad sustained a concussion in the Fall of 2016, after being pushed to the ground from behind, and suffering a brain hemorrhage. This resulted in the loss of his ability to taste and smell. With tremendous and loving support from my mom, his journey toward healing has included many doctor appointments, testing, various procedures, and medication trials. After all this, he still waits for healing.

While we are so grateful his injuries were not more extensive, he has nonetheless had to cope with the very personal and devastating challenges resulting. He has learned to navigate a different way to live, including a new way of participating in his beloved specialty food business, Chili Dawgs. He doesn’t get to enjoy some of the things he used to. Still, his focus is on serving the needs of others, and he continues to make that abundantly clear in the way he lives everyday.

Will you please donate to a cause that is benefiting those who, like my dad, have been impacted by a brain injury? As with many others I know, it is not the injury itself that defines my dad, but rather his courage in choosing to move forward and embrace the life he has even when it’s tough. This is what makes him my HERO.

We continue to hold onto hope even in the midst of struggle and sorrow, because we know that what is often meant to hurt, God is able to turn it around for good. Support us as we HIKE for HOPE!

Thank you for reading this, and for also considering a donation in honor of my dad and others you know who live with a brain injury. They will be blessed because of your generous support.


  1. Bob Eccles

    I’m in with a hundred bucks Where do I send it? Great job Lea

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