2019 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Tristen Smith

By Tristen Smith

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TEAM CHAD NEEDS YOUR HELP! As many of you know, my older brother Chad was in a horrific car accident in 2010 and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). After many months in a coma with little hope, Chad woke up to an entirely different life. While his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle, he still requires 24-hour care and has a long journey ahead of him.

Every September, we participate in the Pikes Peak Challenge to raise awareness for brain injury survivors like Chad and to raise critical funding for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC). BIAC is the go-to resource for help and services for survivors of an injury to the brain, their families, and providers. Through guidance, resources, support, and education, BIAC seeks to engage with Coloradans as they navigate the path of rehabilitation.

Funding is critical for BIAC to continue to support survivors in our state and this is why I am reaching out to family and friends to share my exciting commitment to participate in the 2019 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hike. The Pikes Peak Challenge is the ultimate test of our own mental and physical boundaries as we raise money and awareness for those who have suffered an injury to the brain. Their daily challenges surmount our own. When I finish, I will have hiked 13 miles and 7,400 vertical feet to the 14,115 ft Pikes Peak Summit.

Please donate now and together we can make a huge impact for brain injury survivors like Chad and the entire brain injury community.


Read the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado’s Annual Report

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