2019 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Tim Terry

By Tim Terry

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho 14,115 feet to Go!

Friends and family this will be my third year participating in the Brain Injury Alliance Summit hike. Each year Team Jesse continues to grow and with the growth of our team our impact is even greater! We do this hike each year to raise money for the brain injury alliance. Every year I have trouble with the term fund raising, because I don’t feel like is encompasses exactly why supporting the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado is so important. Participating in this event is an endorsement of the incredible things that the BIAC does on a yearly basis. Their website alone is a treasure trove of information for people impacted by brain injuries and for providers trying to find way to further help patient’s with brain injuries. The BIAC exists solely to improve the lives of individuals living with brain injuries and by supporting this event we help them focus on that noble task.

Every year my family comes together to do this hike and support the Brain Injury Alliance. My brother Jesse died in 2009, he died by suicide and my family strongly believes that several head injuries during his baseball career may have contributed to the mental state that led to his death. I was present at two of his games in which he was hit in the head while batting and lost consciousness. Jesse continued to play and did not follow a course of action that would have allowed his brain to heal properly. Understanding of brain injuries is constantly evolving and had these events happened in a game today it’s likely that Jesse would have undergone appropriate testing and been held from play largely due to efforts from organizations like the BIAC. The BIAC helps progress research into brain injuries, helps implement best practices, which can reduce the risk for brain injury, provides education to coaches and providers so that head injuries can be detected easier and treated appropriately. Head injuries have often been referred to as the silent injury because it’s not as noticeable as other injuries such as a broken leg; the BIAC is helping to give the silent injury more of a voice.

This hike is a yearly challenge for my family and me but it pales in comparison to the daily challenges some people with brain injuries face. Losing Jesse remains the most challenging event I’ve faced in my life, this event helps make something positive out of a challenging situation and supports a cause I truly believe in.

There are several ways to support this cause! You can spread awareness about the BIAC and all the great things that they do for survivors of brain injury. Sign up for team Jesse, raise money and hike with us. Send positive thoughts that all participants safely complete the hike on September 7, 2019. You can also financial support through the link on my page. All donations are tax deductible and by no means obligated. Thank you for taking the time to read my story your consideration is appreciated.

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