2018 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Wendy Farr

By Wendy Farr

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Dear family, friends and colleagues, 
It’s an exciting year for me! I am preparing to make my 10th ascent up Pikes Peak on behalf of the Brian Injury Alliance of Colorado. The Pikes Peak Challenge is a hike up to the top of Pikes Peak to raise awareness for those in our community who are dealing with a brain injury. www.pikespeakchallenge.com.  This year on September 8th will be my  10th time!!
For many of you who I’ve reached out to in the past you know that our daughter, Tayler, has struggled with an  Acquired Brain Injury. She had an epileptic disorder as a child and has dealt with the result of those seizures throughout her life. She “grew” out of the disorder around the age of eleven. However, she has had to overcome many additional difficulties due to the seizures. We have been very fortunate that her symptoms have not stopped her from progressing and succeeding in her life. She is currently attending Dixie State University in St. George , Utah. We know that we are very blessed for this. Not all families dealing with brain injuries are as fortunate.
Last year she had a negative employment experience due to an employer who really didn’t understand brain injuries. She has since moved on from that experience stronger and even more sure of herself. She is currently working for Deseret Industries in St, George, Utah and just recently was promoted to a supervisory lead. I guess that brain injury hasn’t limited her ability to be actively employed 😉 She just needed the RIGHT employment environment!
Why do I share this situation? Last year Tayler had the benefit of knowing how to advocate for herself, parents who were willing to support her decision and she was not in a financial situation that would have forced her to accept the job because she had no other options. That isn’t the case for many brain injury survivors! That’s what The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado provides! (#biac) This year I plan to hike on behalf of all those who DON’T have the resources and knowledge that our family and, in particular, our daughter has been blessed to have. 
I ask you to please donate whatever you feel you can to ensure that no one needs to struggle through these kinds of issues.  Please click on the following link to go to my individual campaign page      Wendy’s 2018 Donation Page!  Any amount is appreciated. Whether you can offer $5$50 or even $500, all donations are appreciated and welcomed! This year I would like to reach $1,000.00 as my fundraising goal. Please help me get there!
Thank you to all those who have supported me in the past and to all those who choose to be involved this year. 10 years being involved with any cause is a great reason to rejoice. But this cause is so very personal for me! I’ll hike with each one of your names as a tribute along each step of those 13 miles!


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