2018 Pikes Peak Challenge Barr Camp Hiker: Paul Herzog

By Paul Herzog

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Everyone – Last year Emma and I joined many brain injury survivors and volunteers on the 2 mile walk and raised over $2,600 for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado on behalf of Cathleen.  This year I am stepping it up to do the 13 mile hike to Barr Camp and increasing my fundraising goal to $3,000+!

  As many of you know, in 2012, the unthinkable happened. Cathleen had a low blood glucose level, lost consciousness and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after falling down four steps in our home. After many months in a coma with little hope, Cathleen woke up to an entirely different life. She required 24-hour care and had a long, difficult journey.  We cared for her for 4 1/2 years until she succumbed to pneumonia and died in July of 2016.


 Every year, I participate in the Pikes Peak Challenge to raise awareness for brain injury survivors like Cathleen and to raise critical funding for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC). BIAC is dedicated to serving individuals affected by all forms of injuries to the brain. BIAC’s mission is to improve the quality of life for survivors by connecting them with resources to help navigate the path of rehabilitation. Brain injuries are so prevalent and so devastating to not only the individual who had the injury, but also their families.  

I am reaching out to my family and friends to share my exciting commitment to participate in the 2018 Pikes Peak Challenge. This fun-filled and exciting event raises awareness for the brain injury community, while at the same time empowers both supporters and survivors as we hike, walk or roll side-by-side.  Last year $275,000 was raised to support the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado! This year we hope to surpass that number and raise $300,000. Can you help us reach our goal?

I’m excited to share my commitment to participate in the 2018 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hike. When I finish, I will have hiked 13 miles to Barr Camp and back.

Even more impressive than this challenge, is the courage and strength it takes for a survivor to overcome day to day struggles that come with a life of living with an injury to the brain.

Please donate now and together we can make a huge impact for brain injury survivors like Cathleen and the entire brain injury community.

Read the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado’s Annual Report

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