2017 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Scott La Point

By Scott La Point

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The first time I hiked Pikes Peak was in 1999, a week or so short of my 36th birthday and just days after beginning the Master’s in counseling program at Colorado Christian University.  Joining me was a handful of other students including a spry Generation Xer who was 10 years my junior and set on summiting first.  By the time we reached the top of that famous 14er both of us were nearly anoxic from the effort we’d put in.

My second attempt was not as taxing but had its fill of nerve-wracking moments as I attempted unsuccessfully to goad my friend to the top with promises that Picabo Street would be waiting.  She wasn’t, and we didn’t push through to the summit.  Instead, just three miles from the top, we turned around and visited Barr Camp a second time before reaching the trail head where we’d started 12 hours earlier.

Another 12-hour day resulted from my third climb in 2007, when I joined a friend and fellow TBI survivor.  The day was punctuated with verbal assaults and tirades from my friend, who grew weary of my chearleading phrase, “C’mon, man.  You can do this!”

Now, as I ready for my fourth ascent and third BIAC Challenge, I will be hiking for a dear friend and fellow TBIer who himself has completed the event five times.  He won’t be hiking it this year because he’s still recovering from a June 29 kidney transplant.  So this time around, I’ll be hiking for him and for the countless others with brain injury and the hundreds of thousands nationwide awaiting a kidney transplant, who can’t.

And you can vicariously hike it with me by making a donation via the BIAC website, or by mailing a donation to the Donor Alliance, which was responsible for the success of my friend’s kidney donation.  My address: 4253 La Veta Dr., Loveland, CO 80538.

Thank you for your support!

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