2017 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Judy Mills

By Judy Mills

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Welcome to my fundraising page!

I want to let you know why I am interested in this cause and feel it is worth donating to.

So many of us are blessed with healthy families and active lives; we are able to go about each day not worrying, or thinking, about the struggles that many people have to deal with.

Although my life has not been impacted by family or friends with a brain injury, my heart goes out to those who have, and to those who support them.

Participating in the Pikes Peak Challenge, hiking 13 miles, to an altitude of 14,100 feet, is a challenge.   And getting in shape for the hike is a challenge; but these challenges can be met and have an end.  People with brain injuries see no end to the challenges they face.   Participating in this hike is a small way for me to support them.

My goal is to raise a minimum of $200; not much really, when you think about all the support someone with a brain injury may need.   The cost of equipment and therapy, along with other services, adds up quickly.  Please consider giving whatever you can afford.   I, and the many people with brain injuries, thank you!

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