2017 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Jenny Scanlon

By Jenny Scanlon

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My sis and me around March 2015– one year pre-mishap. We are just as giggly 18 months post-mishap.

The mishap involved a mysterious fall on Heidi’s way home from having dinner out with friends, and resulted in a severe traumatic brain injury. She was in a coma for many weeks, and then participated in rehabilitation to re-learn many things we all take for granted.  18 months later, she has made tremendous progress and is living happily and independently in her own apartment. But words cannot describe how dramatically this mishap has altered Heidi’s life. Traumatic brain injuries have a knack for turning lives upside down, inside out.

Heidi lives in DC, I live in Colorado. I participated in the Pikes Peak Challenge last year because I now know firsthand how important the services are to people who have sustained TBI in putting the pieces of their lives together. This Challenge involves hiking from Manitou Springs to the peak of Pikes Peak– 13 miles and nearly 8,000 elevation gain! Not easy! But nowhere near as difficult as recovering from a major TBI, like my beloved sister is doing. I’m doing it again, because it was so much fun, and because it is a tremendously important cause. This one is for you again, Heidi!

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