2017 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Deanna Franklin

By Deanna Franklin

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In 2006, Josh had his entire life in front of him.  He was about to graduate High School at the top of his class and go on to attend West Point which was his dream.  He was playing football with his friends during his last high school spring break and his world changed along with everyone’s around him.  Nobody knew that anything like this could happen so easily.  

It has been 11 years since Josh was hurt.  He has gone through countless surgeries and continues to have complications but also continues to come through them with such inspiring strength and positivity.  I can’t imagine what he goes through mentally and physically every day.  I’m sure I only see a small percentage of it.  He cannot communicate what he is feeling so I can only watch and try to understand some of the gestures and sounds he is making.  Something else I can do though, is to raise awareness and help people to understand how easily something like this can happen.  That is why I am a part of this challenge.  I want to raise money and awareness to spread knowledge about the silent epidemic.

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