2017 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Brenda Heinicke

By Brenda Heinicke

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I’m excited to share my commitment to participate in the 2017 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hike.  On Saturday, September 9th, I will hike 13 miles to the 14,110 foot summit of Pikes Peak.  I’m doing this to raise money for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado.  I have been involved with this fundraiser for many years, but in recent years it has become much more meaningful to me personally.

In December 2013, my best friend’s husband, Dave, fell off their roof while putting up Christmas lights.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury.  But thanks to organizations like the Brain Injury Alliance, and of course the skilled medical professionals that treated him, Dave is doing amazingly well today.   Dave and his family have been really lucky. 

Part of what inspires me so much about this particular fundraiser is that each year I’ve participated in in, I see brain injury survivors who, despite dealing with enormous physical and mental challenges, commit themselves to reaching the summit of Pikes Peak.  One year, we saw a young man who literally struggled for each step he took.  His friend walked beside him, encouraging him.  I think of that young man each year at this time and am reminded of how grateful we should all be for the basic life skills we take for granted.  

Please consider making a donation to this very worth cause.  Together we can make a huge impact for brain injury survivors like Dave, the young man I mentioned above, and the entire brain injury community.

Thank you so much!



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