2017 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Bob Terry

By Bob Terry

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Hello Family and Friends!

On September 9th I will embark on a 14,115′ hike to the top of Pikes Peak to raise funds for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. This journey will not be easy 13 miles up 7,400 vertical feet but the benefits will out weigh the difficulty of the hike.  The funds raised will ensure that people with brain injuries thrive within the community and help create environments that decreases head injuries. Donations are accepted in any form from thoughts, well wishes, financially or just becoming more educated with head injuries.

The Pikes Peak Challenge is quite an undertaking considering the altitude and possible weather conditions we might encounter, but it pales in comparison to what survivors of Brain Injury face every day.  In the United States a Brain Injury occurs every 23 seconds.  Based on national estimates, there are more annual incidences of Brain Injuries than Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injuries, HIV/AIDS and Brest Cancer put together.   We now know that over 20% of our American Soldiers are returning home from combat tours with Brain Injuries and some have sustained several.  The NFL has put Traumatic Brain Injury in the news as they try to understand the immediate and long-term impact of repeated hits to the head. The more we learn about head injuries the more we find that there needs to be more research and education on the subject.

Joining me at the starting line will be the fellow members of Team Jesse. My lovely mother Cindy is our Team Captain and will be there to send us off, take pre-climb photo’s, and support us as she has many times before. Father and Team Leader “Big Sherm” is a veteran of the Pike’s Peak Challenge and has climbed Pike’s Peak more than anyone I know. Finishing the climb sometime later than me will be fellow Rookies Tim and Matt. My Brothers have been my teammates and role models throughout my life and I look forward to climbing with them in September. We will all hike to honor my older brother Jesse who passed away in 2009. Jesse’s death was diagnosed as a suicide, which leaves my family with several unanswerable questions and constant struggle to figure out the “why?” Objectively we know that Jesse sustained several head injuries while playing baseball, he lost consciousness during two of those injuries, upon regaining consciousness he immediately returned to the playing field. Our current knowledgebase dictates that with any head injury a player should be evaluated thoroughly and not return to the field of play. Unfortunately, this was not common knowledge when my brother was playing. The Brain Injury Alliance has helped push for better understanding of head injuries and is a large reason why there has been advancements in helmet safety, support groups, case management and community awareness over the past several years. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never fully understand the reasons why behind my brothers death, but I choose to reflect and seek out ways to make this experience helpful to the lives of others.

 If you would like to support me in this endeavor to make a difference, there are two ways to donate; please visit https://www.pikespeakchallenge.com/team/team-jesse/

Clicking ‘Make a Donation to this Team’.  This is a special event of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado and you will be able to print a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.  Some of you can use your company’s matching gifts program to increase your donation.  The second way is to mail a check and send it to the address I have listed below.  Make the check payble to BIAC and mail to:

 Sherm Terry 1840 Starstone Court Colorado Springs, CO  80919

Every dollar makes a difference and I appreciate any help you can give. Thank you for your support.

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