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2023 Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hiker: Ashley Tetlak

I’m participating in the Pikes Peak Challenge Summit Hike of 2023!
I joined my Aunt Donna with Team Kumi in 2019 to show support for her best childhood friend Kumi who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a drunk driver, leaving her mentally and physically handicapped for life.
Before the challenge in 2019, I was coming from living at sea level on the East Coast to hiking one of the highest altitude peaks in the country, with no prior Rocky Mountain hiking experience… and it was A LOT to train for!
Sharing stories with Brain Injury survivors and the families of victims while up on that mountain was amazing though. The laughs, tears, hugs, and smiles are what kept us pushing all the way. Completing the Challange was one of the most breathtaking moments of my life (literally) and it made me so grateful to still have my mind and body that is capable of getting me there.
With as much love and beauty as I was surrounded with that day, I felt fulfilled completing what I considered a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for myself. And vowed never to attempt it again because of how tasking it was on the mind and body.
Here we are 4 years later and the love, beauty, and community from those strangers are calling me back. I hope to help raise donations for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado to further support survivors. Besides monetary support, all of us could always benefit from well wishes and encouragement just as much!
Thank you for any help sent our way, and I can’t wait to be back on this mountain to Summit Pike’s Peak again!!

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