Patty Bayman

Created 5 Campaigns

On a quest for meaning and purpose
I found a way to be of service
To be a voice and make people aware
By helping others to show I care.

Once a caregiver and now therapist for vision
To help others is my mission.
Strokes, concussions, and T.B. I.’s
I help their brains and their eyes.

I dedicate my time and continue to strive
To raise money to support those who survive.
I took the challenge with the BIA
To climb Pikes Peak on Saturday.

People pledged money and gave what they could
To support this cause and do some good.
Husbands and wives and the public alike
In their honor, I dedicate this hike.

People are strong and desire no pity
Tenacious, determined and downright gritty
Survivors and families took to the trail
Nothing could stop them. They would prevail.

Our shoulders weighted from the packs we wore
Much like the burdens these families bore.
Their stories of trials and lots of strife
Inspired us all on our journey through life.

It’s a long way up to reach the top
I made it my goal I would not stop.
Alone I walked with thoughts of others
I did it for them, my sisters and brothers.

Overcome with emotion and a sense of pride
My tear-stained cheeks I could not hide
For those I love and hold so dear
I’ll be back again next year.

By Patty Bayman